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The Kansas Alliance for Arts Eduction is pleased to provide you with the following articles that are tools to help you support arts education.  Print and share these articles with colleagues, parents, administrators, and others who also care about arts education for Kansas’ children.


The Arts are Important for All Children to Learn

Looking for a good article that shares information about the importance of arts education for children … take a look at this one!


Conditions that Support Arts Education

If you’re thinking about how you can articulate the conditions that need to be in place for arts education this is the article for you.


Interview Questions for Candidates

During every election cycle you have the opportunity to learn about candidates, their priorities and values, and where they stand on issues that are important to you. These interview questions can help you start a conversation about arts education.


Let’s Make a Plan

Ever wonder where to start, what needs to be done, and how to get organized for an advocacy campaign? Let’s Make A Plan is an easy to use guide to get you started.


NCLB and Talking Points for Arts Education

The Elementary and Secondary Education Act is currently under consideration. The NCLB and Talking Points for Arts Education were used in 2008-10 and may prove helpful as the re-authorization process is happening in 2011.


Protocol for Arts Education Advocates

The Protocol for Arts Education will provide tips and tools for working in schools and districts in support of arts education.


These materials are adapted, and approved for use, by the Ohio Alliance for Arts Education.