KSAAE Seeks to Hire Executive Director

Kansas Alliance for the Arts in Education (KSAAE) announces an opening for an Executive Director. Qualified candidates will have a positive approach to problem solving, utilize collaborative processes for decision making, and possess excellent organizational, written and oral communication skills. Applicants should have a background in the arts, arts or public administration, arts education, and/or education with demonstrated knowledge of how arts education policy

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Kansas State Board of Education

On July 11, 2012, The Kansas State Board of Education approved a resolution acknowledging the establishment of the Kansas Alliance for the Arts in Education (KSAAE) and recognizing the organization for its efforts to promote the arts in preK-12 education. The alliance was formed in January 2012 and adopted a mission to ensure that the arts are an integral part of preK-12 education throughout

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The Fibonacci Logo

The KSAAE logo* is an adaptation of the Fibonacci sequence found in nature—in this case the seeds of the Kansas state flower. At once natural, mathematical, musical, scientific, celestial, and poetic, this spiral pattern demonstrates the Golden Mean, and reflects the integral relationship of art and education.  It is in our sunflowers, our shells, and our stars, and it has inspired artists, geometers, architects,

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