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The most important work of KSAAE is to demonstrate the valuable role that arts education provides to improve student learning and promote civilized exchanges.

We believe the innate creativity of all children needs nurturing throughout their youth. We believe teachers need access to ideas and tools to help nurture the creativity in the children they teach as well as nurture their personal creativity. Our emphasis as an organization is to provide access to creativity tools, techniques and ideas for teachers to help them personally and professionally, as well as advocate at the state and federal level for financial and policy support for arts in education in the State of Kansas.

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KSAAE invites our members to empower themselves and their students by exposing them to the magic of arts integrated learning experiences and opportunities in and with a variety of innovative ideas. Generated by arts related professionals, educators and students. Shared by all, celebrating the unique creativity of each individual. Our consortium provides an extensive network to collaborate withand encourages individuals to share their skills, knowledge and provide leadership to elevate their understanding and strengthen the skills of all its members. Simply put: Arts advocacy in action, not merely in words. Creative problem solving in collaboration with and for all stakeholders, including community members and mentors.


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A Special Invitation from Joyce Huser

Good day Educators.  Once again we will be hosting the McPherson workshop fully funded by the Norene Ketcherside Endowment for Fine Arts.  This is  our sixth year for this workshop. Each year we focus on a different topic and focus.  This year our focus is on connections between the arts and math.  Keep in mind that while this is normally planned as a face to face workshop, we will most likely be hosting it virtually.  This is an outstanding opportunity for teachers.  Click here to view a flyer that provides detailed information regarding benefits and content regarding the workshop. 

Appreciatively, Joyce Huser

A FREE Remote Camp Experience!

Monday, June 15 – Wednesday, June 17

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, the KU Midwestern Music Camp is going to continue its tradition via remote learning this year.  They are preparing an outstanding lineup of artist teachers to work with students through a variety of offerings. Learn More Here